Site's Second-Chance Birthday Bargains

At the top of the rules page for The Outnet's second birthday $2 sale, a tag line reads "There Will Be Tears, But Remember: Everyone's a Winner."

It's perhaps a reference to the site's first-birthday fiasco last year, when the $1 sale went off as a rather anti-climactic disaster, that, though it did follow through with dollar deals on designer stuff, was swiftly shut down at 7 a.m.

However, that's what birthdays are for—to look ahead. For birthday-number-two, the number is a tidy $2, but with several rules to reign in the madness of practically-free label loot. This year, the event will be invite-only to a group of 2,000 lucky winners.

Here goes:

Between now and April 13, shoppers can enter their name (once, please), for a daily drawing of 200 names to participate in the sale on April 15. If you get an email, you're in. If not, you can try for a ticket by recruiting your friends—the top 200 sharers also get a ticket. Lastly, The Outnet is giving 20 peeps a $200 store credit.

So, it's not so bad as far as second birthday parties are concerned—as a rule, they've got to involve tears and chaos, no? That said, we'll certainly be on the look out for how it goes for those 2,000 ticketholders, to see if crowd control can make for a happier birthday.

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