Simpson Trial Witness Sues Dr. Phil For Defamation

The memorabilia dealer who led O.J. Simpson to a hotel room where an infamous robbery occurred filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the “Dr. Phil” show claiming his remarks in an interview were spliced to change their meaning.

Thomas Riccio, who testified at Simpson’s recent kidnapping-robbery trial, sued Philip McGraw—known on the show as Dr. Phil—and Stage 29 Media for unspecified damages. The lawsuit claims defamation, fraud, emotional distress and being portrayed in a false light.

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Riccio said that on the show he was referred to as “the shady deal maker,” “a puppet master who would sell his soul for a coin” and “the ring leader of this crime.”

He said that during the show, McGraw falsely claimed that Riccio “set O.J. Simpson up and told people to bring guns into the room.”

Riccio said his denial of those statements and his claim that he is anti-gun were edited out and replaced with a shot of him nodding his head as if in agreement with the host.

“Had plaintiff been aware of defendants’ intent and their intended actions, he would not have agreed to do the interview,” the lawsuit stated.

The Oct. 6 interview aired Oct. 8. Simpson was convicted of 12 charges in a Las Vegas court Oct. 3.

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