Share Your Halloween Pics With Strangers on the Internet!

Oh, you know you want to

Marcus Owens
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All right, little chickadees. We know at least SOME of you will be attending Halloween festivities this weekend.

And you'll be wearing costumes, by which we mean looking ridiculous.

And you'll be partying, by which we mean drinking.

So what's the most natural next step? Sending us your party and/or costume pictures for maximum amusement, obviously. After all, if you're stomping down 18th Street wearing an unrealistically racy Hermione Granger costume, what's the point of ditching the get-up in the back of your closet come Monday? 

Clearly, it's a much better idea to post your pictures on the Internet where they can haunt you and your future job prospects forever and ever. (See, we KNEW Halloween was scary!) 

Post your stories and pics here on So Washington.

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