Seriously, Were You Raised in a Barn?

Go get some class, buster.

Telemundo / Fotograma

Morrison House (116 S Alfred St., Alexandria, Va.) and The Grille have teamed up to host a four-part series this fall to bring the modern man out of whatever barn he may or may not have been raised in -- and bring perspective to what makes a "gentleman."

For $80 a lesson, food, wine, etiquette and witty repartee is entertainingly dispensed by Richmond-based raconteur Jason Tesauro.

The four part series consists of: (1) "Sticks & Stones" is about cigars; (2) "Brews and Birds" is about craft beers and the art of carving; (3) "Corks & Forks" is about wines and favorable food pairings; and (4) "Fizz and Flask" highlights vintage cocktails and the art of modern mixology. We previewed the lessons the other night, and left high on samples of champagne, the sweet cocktail Le Pomme Frere, and apps scrumptuously prepared by Chef Denn.

The highlight of the evening was the unexpected lesson in opening a bottle of champagne with a saber, a party trick well worth the price of admission. Of course, being a gentleman is more than just learning about the art of the superfluous; however, when character meets cognac, a girl's heart is more readily lost.

To reserve a spot, call 703-838-8000. Lessons are offered Oct. 28, Nov. 18, Dec. 16 and Jan. 27.

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