Seriously, Take the Cannoli

Potenza opens this week at 1430 H St. NW

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Phew. It's hard to juggle household tasks, clients, a full DVR, family and … flaming torches. OK, maybe not all at once.

But we ARE big on multi-tasking. And so is new Italian eatery Potenza (1430 H St. N.W.), which opens today. The spot is a yummy combination of trattoria, bakery and wine shop -- yep, sugar, carbs and booze; who's complaining here? Not a soul.

The bakery churns out breads and desserts, but what's turning our heads is the fresh pasta made daily. And, um, did we mention the salumi counter? Um, yeah, there's a salumi counter. Which is way better than any hypothetical salami counter, by the way -- salumi is the term for ALL Italian pork-based deli meats (yay), including prosciutto, pepperoni, ham and sopressata. Drool drool. (Excuse us for one sec, we just quit vegetarianism for good.)

The spot is named for Columbina Potenza, the Southern-Italian grandma of resto partner Dan Mesches. The executive chef is Bryan Moscatello, of Zola and Indigo fame.

More important phrases: Raw bar. Three-ton pizza oven. Two blocks from the White House. Just go eat already. And bring us back some salami, will you?

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