Seinfeld's Got a New Show About Something

The comedian will premiere a reality series on NBC this fall

The sitcom king is set to retake his throne.

Jerry Seinfeld will reteam with NBC this fall to create a new reality series that will feature celebrities acting as referees in marital disputes.

The former "Seinfeld" star's project, tentatively titled "The Marriage Ref," will give athletes, actors and comedians the opportunity to judge domestic squabbles and give advice to the stubborn spouses. Six one-hour episodes are set to premiere during the fall season.

Seinfeld said the show won't be about self-help - it will focus on the comedy behind floundering marriages.

"This is not a therapy show, it's a comedy show," Seinfeld said.

"After nine years of marriage, I have discovered that the comedic potential of this subject is quite rich," Seinfeld, who will act as the show's executive producer, told The Hollywood Reporter.

NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman confirmed Seinfeld's project, pitching it as a reality spinoff of the funnyman's classic sitcom.

"Some of the greatest comedies in the history of television have been around marriages," Silverman said.

"The concept is so universal and accessible, and obviously it works so well when it comes from somebody with a point of view - and nobody has a stronger point of view on this subject than Seinfeld."

Seinfeld will co-produce the show with "The Oprah Winfrey Show" veteran Ellen Rakieten, who said that "The Marriage Ref" will be "revealing, edgy, controversial, and very, very funny."

"Picture well-known people weighing in on a couple's relationship issues - and deciding who is right and who is wrong - right on the spot, like a referee," she said in a statement.

"The Marriage Ref" will be the first series Seinfeld has committed to since 1998, when "Seinfeld" went off the air.

Since the show went dark, Seinfeld has worked as a producer on films like "Bee Movie" and has continued to guest star on sitcoms, including NBC's "30 Rock."

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