Scootergate: Full Throttle

A scooter scandal, except nothing really happened

Scootergate revs its engine this weekend in DC.

Hosted by the 54-46 Scooter Club, the three-day scooter rally will feature rides, tours, fun activities and music all weekend long. And after the closing of the DC Vespa store (sniffle), the festival will also celebrate the opening of the new, much-anticipated scooter shop Modern Classics.
The event kicks off Friday night at The Pug (1234 H St. NE) with a DJ and a "stupid human tricks" contest. And in our opinion, bonus points should be awarded if you can do the trick on your scooter. Forget texting and driving -- what about knife-juggling and scootering!? Hey, maybe you'll even get a Darwin Award! (Oh wait, that's bad.) Any hipsters present who actually have scooters can later engage in a night ride.
On Saturday morning, there will be a ride through DC and Old Town, and even a ride to the pool! A pool? Wow! We've never even BEEN to a pool before!
During the afternoon, new scooter shop Modern Classics will have its opening party with DJs, food, raffles, prizes and the opportunity to swap parts, bikes, and ... whatever else with fellow scooter buffs. Just please keep the swap PG. We don't like incest in the scooter gene pool; it affects performance.
For evening entertainment, scooter on over to the Rock and Roll Hotel (1234 H St. NE). The winners of the raffles will be announced, and later you can hear performances from The Black Hollies and The Breakups. The upstairs room will also be reserved for scooter registrants to mix and mingle.
Scootergate comes to a close on Sunday with brunch at Airborne.
Pre-register here for $20, or register at the event for $25.
Click here for more information and a complete itinerary.
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