Schwarzenegger Calls Rush Limbaugh Fat

One day after appearing on "The Tonight Show," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger still hadn't gotten all the shtick out of his system.

On Wednesday, when asked if Rush Limbaugh was the leader of the GOP, Schwarzenegger -- a politician not known for comedy (i.e. "Jingle All the Way") -- took the opportunity to make a fat joke.

"I think that they say that Rush Limbaugh is the 800-pound gorilla in the Republican Party," Schwarzenegger said during the online chat with CNN.

"But I think that's mean-spirited to say that, because I think he's down to 650 pounds," he quipped.

No, but seriously, folks:

"I think that in all seriousness, I think that the Republican Party -- if they listen to the voters -- they're going to be fine. They're going to come back again. There's no two ways about it," Schwarzenegger said.

The Sacramento Bee points out that this isn't the first time Schwarzenegger and Limbaugh have gone at it:

"The Republican governor began his war of words with Limbaugh during his post-partisan kick in 2007. He said at the time that Limbaugh was 'irrelevant' on NBC's Today show.

"That prompted Limbaugh to call Schwarzenegger a 'closet liberal.' Limbaugh that year also took issue with Schwarzenegger's description of his health care plan as 'not a tax.'"

Schwarzenegger, once again proving he's a whole lot tougher than Michael Steele, has yet to issue an apology.

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