Scar-Jo's Boogers Fetch $5G on eBay

You read that right

Scarlett Johansson blew her nose last Wednesday. A week later a fan paid $5,300 for the tissue.

During an appearance on "The Tonight Show" to promote her new film, "The Spirit," Johansson explained to Jay Leno that she was suffering from a cold given to her by co-star Samuel L. Jackson.

"I feel like it's valuable in some way ... I feel like I could sell it on eBay," she told Leno, who eagerly offered a box of tissues and encouraged her to blow.

"Should I really give a blow, though?" asked the actress.

"How much do you wanna help people in need? That's what it comes down to," replied the talk show host.

"So you're saying the more snot I produce...?" she asked.


Johansson then gave a hearty blow, leaving the tissue smeared with snot and lipstick.

She then autographed the tissue and announced she was putting up for auction with the proceeds to benefit  USA Harvest, a group that picks up unsold food from restaurants and distributes it to the needy.

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