Say “Spaaaaah”

Lorien Hotel and Spa has opened in Old Town

Aromatherapy delivery service? What's next, a phone you can call and request your most whimsical dreams be fulfilled? Oh, wait. They have that, too.

The Lorien Hotel and Spa opened in Old Town last week at 600 King St., and their "dream phone" is there for unusual requests.

We'd actually like a pizza the size of the Jefferson Memorial, please. Well, No. 2 on our list would be a caviar massage, which (sadly, unlike that huge pizza) actually exists.

Past and present collide here, at least in terms of claw-footed bathtubs and 42" flat-screen TVs.

The calming color palette (soft blues and creams) will put you into a relaxed mood, as well as the all-natural spa, where all the products are paraben-free.

Facials, massages, body scrubs -- the spa menu is massive and contains more variations than many other local spas. And just remember the dream phone is there if you think up something new.

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