Entire Inauguration Crowd Captured from Space

Satellite shows massiveness of crowd

Impress your friends by showing them a picture of you and President Barack Obama together on the National Mall during his inauguration. Well, you and almost 2 million of your new best friends.

GeoEye released two satellite images of the inauguration that show two things: 

1. Just how many damn people were there for the ceremony
2. Just how small we can all seem in relation to the rest of the universe

But before we go off pondering our own existence, check out the images and see if you can spot that crazy red hat your wacky Aunt Alice was wearing to battle the cold.

According the Associated Press, Police projected crowds to be close to 2 million for the inauguration, topping the 1.2 million people who were at Lyndon Johnson's 1965 inauguration, the largest crowd the National Park Service has on record. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan's inauguration drew about 500,000 people, and President Bill Clinton's 1993 inauguration drew about 800,000 people.

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