Saturday Night Live Tackles Transition Team

SNL mines "No-Drama" Obama cabinet picks for comedy gold. Bill Clinton warns foreign leaders about Hillary, and Rahm Emanuel informs what he would have done to "turncoat" Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman.

Who says there's no room for comedy in a Barack Obama presidency?

Saturday Night Live is still having fun with politics as they skewer the characters surrounding "No-Drama" Obama.

On last night's show Bill Clinton, played by Darrell Hammond, showed up for a "Weekend Update" sketch to talk about his upcoming appointment as "Husband to the Secretary of State."

With a nod and a wink, Bubba puts foreign leaders on notice, saying that his wife Hillary will be able to see through all of their excuses to explain their bad behavior.

"There are only three worlds you're going to need for when Hillary shows up: 'I, am, Sorry,'" he advises. "It don't work all the time, but sometimes it's a good place to start."

SNL also takes some opening shots at Obama's Chief of Staff, former Illinois congressman Rahm Emanuel, who is known for being somewhat of a tough guy.

Andy Samberg starts off with a decent, calm, impersonation, which becomes hilarious when he goes into "Rahm-bo" mode.

"I want to assure you that I took this job to support Barck Obama's message of hope and change," he begins.

Then, Emanuel adds, "I should say, to anyone thinking about crossing me, I will f@#&ing end you!"

Watch for yourself.

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