Sarah Jessica Parker On Her Wedding Regrets & ‘Gossip Girl's' Racy Content

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Sex and The City” character, Carrie Bradshaw, had more than her fair share of wedding snafus in last summer’s hit movie adaptation of the HBO series – but does Sarah Jessica have any regrets about her own wedding with husband Matthew Broderick?

The actress appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar for its March issue, where she revealed there are five things she can’t live without.

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“My son! My husband! Food! Oh, fashion? I don’t know. A good bra?” she told the mag.

As for a something that the actress might be able to live without, the “Sex and The City” star said she still regrets the decision to wear a black wedding dress in 1997.

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“James Wilkie’s teacher is getting married, and he said, ‘Do you think she will be wearing black?’” the actress said, referring to her and Matthew’s 7-year-old son. “I said, ‘No! I can almost assure you.’ Then he said, ‘Do you still regret it?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I still regret it.’”

At the time, Sarah Jessica said she wore black in order to not drawn attention to herself, but if she and Matthew ever renew their wedding vows, the 43-year-old said she already knows what she’ll wear.

“White it up. I’d wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day,” she said.

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Another part of her life that she could do without now and then, is the attention she receives living in New York City after playing such a famous Big Apple-loving girl, especially when the “Sex and The City” bus tours spots her on the streets of the city.

“There are times when it’s totally terrific,” she said of the popular fan tour. “And there are times when I’m like, ‘Oh, God, I’d better run in the other direction.’ Especially when I’m with my son.”

The actress also revealed some of her tactics for surviving life as a celebrity, telling the mag, “Don’t surround yourself with bodyguards and SUVs, and return everything you are loaned in the shape in which you received it. Return jewelry, return bags, clean out the bags!”

As for NYC’s newest set of famous residents — the characters from The CW’s “Gossip Girl” — Sarah Jessica said she has some concerns regarding the show’s racy content, although she wasn’t sure about the details of the show.

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