Must See TV: Sarah Palin and Her Dead Bear

We knew that Sarah Palin's appearance on an episode of TLC's "American Chopper" had the potential to warm our hearts.

But take a peek at a this surreal clip from last night's episode and you'll see it was the moose-hunting hockey mom's dead bear decor that really stole the show.

Palin spoke calmly to bike-building guru Paul Teutul Sr. as the pair sat on a couch with a massive grizzly throw over it in a scene that recalled images of the governor's bloody Thanksgiving turkey pardon.

The former veep candidate thanked Paul Sr. for building a bike in honor of her state's 50-year anniversary as the duo sat in her Anchorage office against the bear backdrop.

The throw was made from a bear that Palin's father Heath shot, according to People.

"Holy moley, how are you?" Palin said as she gave Teutul a big hug. 

"So you snowmobile?" Teutul asked.

"Oh yeah," Palin replied, her arm resting on the bear's back, its wide-open mouth taking up nearly half the screen. "Snow machine," she added, gently correcting the bike builder.

The two talked about fishing. Palin thanked Teutul for coming out.

"You do so many good things for so many other good states," she said. "You've got that patriotism in ya that people just so respect. Thank you for that."

Thank you for that Guv.

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