CNN to O'Reilly: Oh No You Didn't

Rick Sanchez puts Bill O'Reilly in his place

Could it be? A reason to actually like CNN's Rick "Shocking!" Sanchez?

Oh, but it's true. Riptide reported that the former WSVN anchor that all South Floridians loved to hate (and make fun of) won some points recently when he gave Bill O'Reilly a good old fashioned "In Your Face!"

On his show, O'Reilly accused CNN of not covering the shooting of an army recruiter in Arkansas.

"CNN is supposed to be the 'news channel'," he yammered to his guest, former TV news anchor John Strupp, who, in typical O'Reilly fashion, was about to get in half a syllable. "Only Anderson Cooper at 10 o' clock covered this story."  

Sanchez Smackdown
Bill to Rick: "My Bad"

Well, Sanchez was all, what you talkin' bout O'Reilly? And then he rolled the "f-you" video montage, which shows reporter after reporter - including Sanchez -- covering the story.

"Wow, Anderson Cooper, huh? That last guy there?" Sanchez said, pointing himself out, "If he was Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper's looking very Cuban these days."

 But the crown jewel has to be Sanchez's 60-second Jerry Springer-esque monologue at the end that ended with:

"O'Reilly did get one thing right: We here at CNN do say we're in the business of doing news. You know why?"

No, why Rick? "Because we are."

 O'Reilly did eventually respond, admitting "his bad" but not without one final jab, calling Sanchez "snide and surly."

Then he called Sanchez a wise-cracking whippersnapper and chased him off his lawn with his cane.

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