Sad Stolen Dog Story Gets Us All Weepy

Yuppie puppy dognapped outside of Whole Foods

Local blog We Love D.C. has put out an APB for their friends' dog, Molly, a 7-year-old Vizla who was apparently stolen from outside the P Street N.W. Whole Foods, Monday, June 29, around 6 p.m. Her owners had tied her up for a few minutes and returned to find her gone.

Now the whole McBlogosphere is blowin' up with posts searching for this cutie pie. We're shredding soggy tissues here ourselves -- it's any dog owner's worst nightmare. We can't even make lame jokes for once. At least, not too many.

Seriously, people, who steals someone's furry baby?

People who live around here, for the most part, are supposed to be the kind of people who shop at dog boutiques for hand-stitched collars and $24 rubber balls, and buy them dog ice cream from the Dairy Godmother. Uh, yeah, not that we're speaking from experience or anything. This is all totally, totally hypothetical.

We're feeling rather saddened by a fellow D.C. resident/dognapper right about now, who's definitely NOT in the dog-love spirit.

Molly is about 60 pounds, with reddish-brown fur. Her humans report she's friendly and will respond to her name. DCist says she has "a distinct scar from a past surgery on the inside right hind leg near her knee. She was also wearing a pink, nylon collar with cupcakes around." More photos of Molly are here.

If you have any info about her disappearance, e-mail There’s a reward for her safe return.

And a note to the dognapper: Karma's gonna get you someday. Don't get too attached to that sweet bike of yours.


Molly has been spotted several times around 15th and Q. Go here for more info on the woman suspected of having her.

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