Sad, Lonely Washingtonians Are Top Tweeters


Look, we all need to complain about Metro escalators being broken again. And we all need to find out where the food trucks are circulating right now. So it makes sense that the District is the #1 Most Socially Networked City, according to new survey in Men's Health magazine.

Sure, we can look at this positively and claim that title signifies activism-meets-citizen-journalism at its finest: "D.C. is where staying connected can get out the vote," David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health told USA Today.

Rounding out the top five cities that are most socially networked (or most in need of real-life interactions) are Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis and Seattle.

"[President] Obama is an avid Twitter user," Zinczenko went on to say. "More D.C.-based government agencies have begun using social networks and it's an area concentrated with nonprofits and trade organizations."

But it's gray and rainy today, so let's take a pessimistic angle for a little bit. Maybe we're #1 because we're all overworked and lonely. There. We said it!

Consider the following: El Paso, Texas ranks low for social networking -- and high for work/life balance and job satisfaction.

"When people are gratified and fulfilled in their face-to-face interactions, when these satisfy their desire for connection, for gossip, for feeling wanted and plugged in, they don't need to feel technologically plugged in," psychologist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Sherry Turkle told USA Today.

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