Run for Your Money: Oscar Pop Quiz

Janet Donovan for Niteside

Nobody went into a diabetic coma at The Week’s Oscar party at the Kalorama home of Juleanna Glover -- but they could have. Between bites of the truffle-and-carmel popcorn, guests devoured mounds of chocolate raisins and strawberry licorice.

Cohosted by Margaret Carlson, Karen Finney, Tammy Haddad and Ron Bonjean, quests were greeted with a pop quiz on the Academy Awards. As to whether it was designed to make you look stupid -- or you just were -- is anybody’s guess. What we do know for sure is that even the hardiest of movie buffs failed miserably, including Niteside.  

Here’s a sample:

  • In Forrest Gump, which president awards Forrest with the Medal of Honor?
  • What movie was the rating of PG-13 created for?
  • What is the legal value of an Oscar statue?
  • Who was the first actor to refuse a Best Actor award and for what movie?
  • Which actress worked at the Pentagon?

And the quiz winner was? Sarah Bonjean, wife of host Ron, who happily walked away with a shiny new iPad. Heck, if we had known that, we would have tried harder.  A runnerup was Andrew Noyes, who runs the D.C. office of Facebook. Figures.

Noyes got a score of 67. “I had a little help from this guy,” he said.

“So the two of you took the quiz together?” we asked. 

“Well, kind of,” said friend Rob. 

“But if we win, I get the iPad because he already has one.” 

Sorry guys, Sarah got an 89, but we hear the iPad is gearing up for a price drop.

Kimball Stroud also took the quiz -- “and I want a do-over.”  Hey, get in line.

At least she got the Oscar picks right. That’s a good thing, since she works in the entertainment business and probably wants to keep her day job. “I know that Natalie Portman is going to win, but I prefer Annette Benning," Stroud said. "When I saw her [in 'The Kids Are All Right,' I literally believed she was a lesbian. She was so brilliant, and I loved Mark Ruffalo.” 

Being from Arkansas, Stroud also had high hopes for "True Grit" -- “The writer of the 'True Grit' book is a friend of my dad, so I hope they win something.”

The best part of the evening, though, was when Sean Spicer, newly appointed communications director for the Republican National Committee, reported to us that he got a ZERO on the quiz.

Zero? Nobody gets a zero!

But Spicer did, so we asked him to explain himself. 

“I got zero,” he said, “because I’m really focused on economic policy.”  

Good thing for the Oscar folks that the answer to question #3 above is a buck.

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