Rules of Engagement

Stephanie Green and Fran Drescher
Janet Donovan

Stephanie Green, half of the former Green and Glover Undercover team at The Washington Times, was taken by surprise when she heard that she will be in an upcoming episode of "The Real Housewives of DC."  As much as she would like to comment on her appearance, she hasn't been privy to the preview; she does, however, remember the circumstances of the taping which took place about a year ago.

"While I was at the Times, I befriended hair stylist Ted Gibson who invited me to a dinner party at a downtown hotel last fall.  When I arrived, the show (DCHW) producers asked me to sign a waiver restricting my ability to report on the evening's events.  I declined to sign and told Ted that I was there as media so they let me stay but Robin Givhan (Washington Post fashion reporter) left," said Green.

"The dinner was very posh with place cards, long tables and excellent food and drink," she said. "The housewives took forever to arrive but when they finally did they were seated on the other end of the table so we were not privy to any catty behavior or fun stuff going on. The cameras remained on the other end of the room until Mary Amons and Ted made their way to our side to check on us," she recalled.

"Mary engaged me in a conversation about Washington fashion improving and it was caught on camera much to my surprise.  Mary said something about admiring my style and writing and both she and Ted started gushing about me," Green said. "She and Ted are friends of mine so they won't mind my saying that; like our vice president, they are prone to verbal flourishes.  I had a great time though and I'm an avid watcher of the program so this should be interesting to see."

Tara (who has since moved on to the New York Post's Page Six) is not as sure if this is the scene they will use since she has attended two events with Stephanie where they were asked to sign the rules of engagement papers. She remembers it this way.

"I was possibly in two scenes with Stephanie -- I was at a Lela Rose fashion event party for Labels for Love sitting with her and then we went back stage," Palmeri said. "There is also a possibility that it is a scene from the Dupont Hotel where Stephanie and I sat at the media table and Mary Amons came over to Stephanie to talk about her charity, " Palmeri said.

"I looked at my blackberry unamused...... I remember because I thought it was lame that the entire event was off the record and I had to sign a waiver just to get in," she added. "It was a long event where I just talked to reporters and wasn't able to get any juice -- very scripted. I hope I didn't say anything too crazy but I'm sure it's just a quick cut away."

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