Rooftop Open at Ardeo+Bardeo

The temperature may have cooled down a bit, but last week's few days of summer weather were enough to open Ardeo+Bardeo's rooftop dining area, the last-to-be unveiled part of its concept overhaul last November.

The patio has been open for about five or six days, revealed General Manager Dave Pressley, who noted that diners in the know have been clamoring for a rooftop seat. It now accommodates 24 patrons, a big uptick from its seating capacity before the renovation. It adjoins the eatery's private dining area, which is outfitted with a wet bar.

We enjoyed the light breeze when we stepped out on the Ardeo+Bardeo patio, which is pleasantly decorated with well-trimmed greenery, but the four-sided fence that encloses the area blocks any view of Connecticut Avenue. If you're looking for something to gaze at over drinks and dinner, check out our lists for best rooftop bars and best outdoor and rooftop tables.

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