ROLL CALL: David Cook: ‘It's An Interesting Time To Be A Homosexual'

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David Cook: “It’s An Interesting Time To Be A Homosexual”: David Cook is speaking out about California’s Prop 8 and gay rights to LOGO’s NewNowNext. “Human rights is human rights and I don’t really see how sexuality parlays into whether or not you’re a human being. I grew up in a really cool area of the country where tolerance was kind of the norm. I can’t recall at any point in my life ever feeling uncomfortable about sexuality whether it be my own or anyone else’s,” David said during the interview. “It’s an interesting time to be a homosexual in this country. I hope that very soon we get to this point where we look back now, [like] on women’s rights and that struggle in the 20’s - I hope this is another hurdle this country can overcome really quick.”

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Diva-Free Pinkett Smith House: Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith might have a family of stars, but the actress told People that husband Will, 10-year-old son Jaden and 8-year-old daughter Willow — also movies stars now themselves — leave the drama on the big screen. “Everybody just enjoys doing what they do,” she told the mag at the London premiere of the “Madagascar” sequel. “We’re all really happy, so we just do it… Thank goodness in my family we don’t allow divas!” Well, until Will loses his “Hancock” action figure.

Nic Wants Sunday To Have a Southern Accent: Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman’s & Keith Urban’s baby, might not sound like her down under parents – at least her mom hopes she doesn’t. “I’m glad that [Sunday] is able to say she’s born and bred in Nashville and Tennessee,” Nicole told Nashville’s Tennessean. “I hope she has a Southern accent.” “Crikey!” just won’t sound right coming from a southern girl.

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The Cheerleader Gets A Clutch: Hayden Panettiere saves the world on NBC’s “Heroes” and now the actress is saving handbag fashion with a new bag for Dooney & Bourke, Access Hollywood has learned. The “Hayden Clutch” is crafted from Italian calfskin and is blinged out with a with a 24 carat gold plated lion head, inspired by Hayden’s astrological sign — Leo. Purse connoisseurs can get bags in blue, red, black, white, brown, hot pink and purple for a mere $295. Start saving, her bags hit shelves in December… but we’re most excited about the Sylar steak knife set… also coming out just in time for the holidays.

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