ROLL CALL: ‘Twilight' Star Schooled On Public Image?

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‘Twilight’ Star Schooled?: Was Robert Pattinson sent to school in order to know how to handle the media? According to actress and Pattinson pal Camilla Belle, the vampire had homework when it came to what to say in public. “My friend Rob [Pattinson], for that whole ‘Twilight’ nonsense, the studio was having them take all these classes. It was the most frustrating thing in the world because they want you to speak like someone else, not yourself. It’s so silly,” the actress told Nylon Magazine in its February issue. “And I would be frustrated, too. I couldn’t answer questions any other way than how I would answer them.” We’re betting if she had been cast in the massively successful vampire series, she would have been sitting front and center in class.

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Charlotte York Goldenblatt Single Mom?: With news of the “Sex and The City” sequel almost officially green lit, fans are buzzing about the plot of the sequel. According to Evan Handler, who plays Charlotte’s husband Harry Goldenblatt, there could be a death in the city. “They could kill me off before the movie even starts,” Evan told E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos “It’s always possible that Harry has had a massive coronary and Charlotte is set free.” Evan said he has not been approached about the sequel yet, but said he would loved to be involved. “I’d love to [do the sequel… it was a blast. Being involved with something that got so much attention and so much adoration was great. Whatever needs to be worked out is so far out of my hands, I hope they work it out. I hope they want me to be in it, and I hope schedule-wise I can.” We’re thinking that giving the producers ideas on how to save money by killing off your character is not the smartest move for an actor.

Audrina & Justin Split?: When we last left off on “The Hills,” Justin gave Audrina Patridge a ring on the season finale – but the stars would not clarify what the ring meant. Now, Audrina was spotted kissing a new mystery man recently at West Hollywood’s Coco de Ville, People reported. Audrina reportedly kissed her new squeeze man throughout the night. Guess we’ll have to wait for the new season of the semi-scripted reality series to find out what the writers have in store for Audrina and Justin.

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