ROLL CALL: John Mayer Twitters – While Dreaming?

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John's So Twit-Dreamy!: There is no doubt that John Mayer is talented, but we're not convinced he's skilled enough to Twitter while asleep. "IT WORKS!!! Hey, everybody, I'm twittering from INSIDE my DREAMS! I'm on the 101 East, second level. My second grade math teacher says hi!" he wrote early Tuesday morning. "C.C. DeVille and Richard Nixon say what's up!! We just got off the 405 into Fairfield, CT. Going to stop at the library for sex…awake." At least, he finally brought together a hair metal guitarist and a dead President!

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Jessica's So Zen: Speaking of the altered states of John Mayer, according to a Page Six source, John was allegedly known to tell former girlfriend Jessica Simpson to be a little more Zen when it came to chatting. "John used to tell Jess all the time, 'I'm really attracted to your spiritual side,'" a pal of John claimed. "He'd tell her that every time she opened her mouth to speak. It was a nice way of basically saying, 'Just sit there and be pretty, and don't ruin it with talk.' The sad thing is she reportedly started to tell people, 'I'm working on being more spiritual,' and then just sit there quietly." Reps for John and Jessica declined to comment, when contacted by the New York Post. But we have an extremely hard time believing that the sensitive rocker would do such a thing!

Drew's So Into Her Former Flames: Drew Barrymore was spotted with another ex-boyfriend, Page Six reported. Instead of Justin Long (who she's rumored to be dating again), Drew partied the night away with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti last Saturday night at Bond Street in NYC. "Drew and Fab were laughing a lot and drinking sake bombs" over dinner, an eyewitness told the paper. "They seemed very happy together and were acting like a couple." A rep for the actress told the paper, "The two have been friends for years." Not all celebs burn the ex bridges when they split. We're glad to see a few stars acting like adults when it comes to a breakup!

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Gilles' So Into The Ladies: "Dancing With the Stars'" resident guy candy, Gilles Marini, is still gushing about his "Sex and The City" co-stars. "[Kim Cattrall] is the hottest woman on this planet," he recently told The New York Daily News' Gatecrasher. Adding, "But what's not to love about a woman? She can be younger or older, large or skinny. There is always something to love about a woman!" Sounds like someone wants a role in the "Sex" sequel!

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