ROLL CALL: John Mayer's Bravado for Lovato

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John Fancies Demi's Music: John Mayer is apparently not afraid to embrace his inner teen. "I have 'La La Land' by @ddlovato stuck in my head. Actually, it's not stuck. I'm choosing to sing it. B section is sophisticated," he Twittered on Thursday, referring to Demi Lavato's song. The news of John's new favorite jam traveled quickly across the Twitterverse getting back to the "La La Land" singer herself. "That is quite possibly the best compliment I've received in this business. Thank you so, so much," Demi wrote back to John on her Twitter. John kept the Twit love fest going, writing, "You're going to make lots of records, I can tell."


Brit Back In Her Zone: Following her 30-minute concert smoke snafu that reportedly had Vancouver fans booing Brit on Tuesday, the singer had a better show the following night in Tacoma, Washington. "Great show tonight! The crowd was amazing!" she wrote on her Twitter. Adding, "I get to see my boys!" Good to hear Brit! Keep it going!

Miley Makes Boo Boos Hip!: Got an ouchie? Miley is here to help! She's making your cuts and scrapes a little more chic with her own line of bandages that look like tattoos, Gatecrasher reported. Now, when you're racing for a prime seat at "Hannah Montana The Movie" this weekend, and a 10-year-old trips you, you'll have something to cover up that nasty gash with!

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Zac Efron "Sucked" At Sports: Just how did Zac Efron end up a singing and dancing super star? "I played sports on weekends — baseball, basketball — and when I sucked at those, I started playing golf and ping-pong in the garage. After I lost interest, I started singing," the young star told USA Weekend. And, what did Zac's parents think about his newfound vocal skills? "I was always singing to the point where my parents would shout, 'Shut up, Zac! Enough already!'" he added. We're sure they've grown to love it by now.

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