Robot Butchers Freak Us Out

Behold, a terrifying new vision of the future: Japanese manufacturer Mayekawa has unveiled the HAMDAS-R robot, a machine that's programmed to debone ham. Because what says robot apocalypse better than machines with knives?

According to Mayekawa's website, "After auto-loading pig's thigh deboned hip bone, the vertical multi-joint robot cuts meat along the bone and debones calf bone and thigh bone."

The Feast was thoroughly freaked out (just check out the video below), but we wanted a butcher's perspective to find out if this thing is really something to worry about. And good news, it's not: Red Apron Butchery's chef Nate Anda isn't impressed.

"Wouldn’t it suck having to clean that thing?" asks the ever-practical Anda. "Personally, I don’t see those things putting me out of business. Who can even afford a machine like that?"

Phew. But should we be concerned about an anti-human, armed-robot uprising? Anda was less optimistic. "Err . . . A machine with a knife? Not fun at all." Time to install that safe room, folks.

[The Feast and Eater]

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