Robert Wone Case: Defendants Lose Monitoring Bracelets

Robert Wone Case: Defendants Lose Monitoring Bracelets was originally published on City Desk on Dec. 19, 2008, at 2:31 pm

Lots of good legal wrangling today in the Robert Wone case. A District Court judge agreed that the three roommates charged with obstruction of justice could lose their monitoring bracelets. The Post reports that the curfews for the threeJoseph Price, 37; Victor J. Zaborsky, 42; and Dylan M. Ward, 38—have been lifted as well.

But U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, chief of the homicide division, said that his office is seeking additional charges for all three—namely, a tampering with evidence charge.

Also in the Post story was the allegation that Price had possessed or distributed meth, coke and E. Price’s attorney argued that he was unaware of the alleged drug use. [We're checking with the courts and Kirschner's office on this one]. If Price had a criminal record, you’d think that would have come out in the already extensive court documents.

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