Robert Griffin III Finally Does Quarterback Things, Participates in Redskins OTAs

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So this is sort of embarrassing, but I may have forgotten that Robert Griffin III was an NFL quarterback.

Hear me out. For the last several months, all we've seen of RGIII is him having a street named in his honor, tossing footballs to elephants and accepting wedding gifts from complete strangers, among other things. I just thought he was a wealthy man about town.

Thursday, Griffin actually donned a football helmet and put a heavy brace on his surgically repaired knee, and participated in the Redskins' oraganized team activities at Redskins Park.

(OK, I was being a little facetious about forgetting he played football, but it's nice to finally write about him getting on the field in some capacity again.)

Now, Griffin didn't exert himself too much -- as you can see from the live tweets from some of my venerable colleagues in Ashburn -- but that didn't stop ESPN from having a "Live Look In" of the franchise quarterback's butt while he was stretching.

Riveting action.

Griffin is set to address the media later this afternoon.

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