Robert Griffin III Helps Local Girl Snag Prom Date

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With Memorial Day weekend hours away and traffic already snarled, I can only imagine that you are looking for a lighthearted, feel-good story to pass the time.

Robert Griffin III, as he is wont to do, provided such a moment on 106.7 The Fan Friday afternoon, helping a local girl named "Lexie" ask "Jack" to prom.

“Alright Jack, this is Robert Griffin III, just in case you were wondering,” the quarterback said. “My friend Lexie, she’s a great girl, but she is a little shy. And she wanted to ask you to prom, man. So here I am, as her personal prom asker. Will you go to prom with her, man?”

"Lexie," Jack responded,  "I would love to be your date to prom."

There is nothing more memorable than a senior prom. At least, I do not think there is. I did not go to my prom. Try not to act so surprised.

“Just have a lot of fun, live it up,” Griffin said. “And last thing, Jack, Lexie will call me if anything goes wrong.”

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