Rob Corddry Talks New Online Series ‘Childrens' Hospital'

Former “Daily Show” correspondent Rob Corddry is taking his brand of comedy online, launching a new web series for called “Childrens’ Hospital.”

“Beautiful doctors playing out awkward sexual politics in front of pre-teen cancer patients.” Rob told about the new series, which also marks the comedian’s directorial debut.

Once a television network, launched as an online video portal in April 2008. The site started by offering classic content produced by Warner Brothers, and in recent months has been ramping up production of original shows, such as the popular “Sorority Forever.”

“I laughed at a very inappropriate thing,” Rob relates when asked about how the idea for the comedy came about.

“I was at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles waiting for my daughter to get a ligament in her forearm popped back into place,” Rob recalled. “As I was waiting, this gurney came blasting through these double doors with five nurses and ten doctors surrounding this person yelling words like ‘Stat!’ and ‘CCs!’ while holding IV bottles and hypodermic needles. There was literally a Life Flight helicopter pilot bringing up the rear so this was major stuff going down and I kind of chuckled and said, ‘Awesome!’ Like I was watching a TV show, that’s what these people have done to us. And then I realized that’s a tiny little gurney, we’re in a children’s hospital, that is a mini size Tracheotomy… I am a horrible person.”

Megan Mullally, Ken Marino and Lake Bell are just a few of the folks who round out the cast of the new online pediatric ward. In fact, Bell was one of the first few to hear about the idea early on.

“We were doing press for ‘What Happens in Vegas’ a few days after I popped my daughter’s ligament out of place and I told [Bell] about the idea and she loved it. From that moment on, she was my Ellen Pompeo character,” Rob said, referring to Pompeo’s “Grey’s Anatomy” character.

All ten episodes of “Childrens’ Hospital” Season One were released at once on, a move that Rob hopes will lead to more people watching the entire project.

“It’s my belief that people have 20 minutes of attention span for Internet videos at any given time. So this is kind of designed to watch in two sittings. I don’t believe people are going to sit around and wait every week for the new episode to come up,” Rob noted. “If you look at the history of other Web series, the numbers tend to drop off as the episodes go on. I believe the future of TV is that people will be able to watch content at their leisure.”

While what makes an online series successful is open to debate as the waters of new media are continually tested, Rob has a modest goal in mind.

“I will be more than happy if the show gets a decent-sized cable audience. I’m not talking ‘Sopranos’ or ‘Mad Men’ numbers, but I’m hoping it does at least as well as ‘Psych,’” he laughed.

In order to entice viewers — specifically the audience — Rob made the following promise:

“You’re guaranteed to have a very Access Hollywood friendly star to show up in episode 10. You’ll be very happy to stare at the a** of this A-list talent. I will give you a hint and say she’s a friend of Lake Bell,” Rob said.

And here’s another hint — she’s known for her curves, and not for being “Desperate.”

Check out “Childrens’ Hospital,” available from now until December 31 only at

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