Ricardo Arjona: Stories on Stage

Ricardo Arjona is known for songs that tell stories of things he witness. He brought his storytelling pop ballads to Patriot Center

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Alfredo Flores
Hard to believe that Latin artist Ricardo Arjona was actually on the Patriot Center stage here, huh?
Alfredo Flores
Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona is known for his brand of storytelling via pop ballads, which he brought to the Patriot Center last Saturday.
Alfredo Flores
Arjona is known for his theatrical sets during performances, with band members playing characters from the songs. Here, the keyboardist performs in a car on stage.
Alfredo Flores
Arjona's guitarist played on a theatrical set.
Alfredo Flores
Arjona is well-respected due to the way he infuses his social conscience into his music.
Alfredo Flores
Arjona was once a basketball player for the Guatemalan national team, but later found his true calling and moved to Mexico City to pursue a music career.
Alfredo Flores
Fans packed the Patriot Center for Saturday's performance.
Alfredo Flores
Arjona's album “5to Piso,” released last year, refers to the fifth floor of his Mexico City apartment and shares the things he saw from that vantage point on a daily basis.
Alfredo Flores
Beautiful imagery added an illustrative backdrop to his songs on Saturday.
Alfredo Flores
Sometimes, Arjona just has to pop into a pensive moment
Alfredo Flores
Strolling through a city, strolling through a set -- either way, it's good.
Alfredo Flores
Ricardo Arjona thanks the crowd at Patriot Center.
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