Hillary Clinton to Accept Job at State: Report

Rumors about Treasury and Commerce follow

Hillary Clinton is poised to give up her senate seat and become the next secretary of state.

Clinton is going to accept an offer to be the primary diplomat for Barack Obama's administration, two people close to the situation told The New York Times.

“She’s ready,” said one confidant, claiming the purpose of a recent follow-up talk between Clinton and Obama was for “just getting comfortable” with the idea of working together.

Word off the offer first leaked when Clinton traveled last Thursday to Chicago to meet with the president-elect.

The leaks continued to day as stocks rose on word that New York Federal Reserve Bank chief Timothy Geithner would be offered the top job at the treasury.

Additionally, CNN reported that former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, once a leading candidate for State, was in line to head the Department of Commerce.

As it became clear -- if unofficial -- that an offer had been extended to Clinton, talk turned to former Pres. Bill Clinton's financial dealings and how they might affect his wife's candidacy.

On Wednesday, Bill Clinton finally agreed to divulge his financial records and forgo any further business dealings with foreign governments.

This was a sharp turnaround for the former commander in chief, who had refused similar transparency during his wife's primary fight against Obama.

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