Recess Workout

It's "recess"! (OK, it's really more like happy-hour time.)

Ate too much at lunch? Yeah, well, we sure did. So it's time to burn off some extra calories -- which means skipping happy hour? Yikes.

Go get in a playful workout, and relive the days being a kid playing at recess, even though it's later in the day. Suzanne Reilley, a certified personal trainer and the creator of “Recess Workouts” will hold a free workout session today at 6:30 p.m. in Rock Creek Park (24th and Calvert Streets NW). The Woodley Park Metro stop is nearest.

Reilley takes playground games from grade school and revamps them into fun exercises, which will leave you smiling and exhausted. Now if only your mom would have dinner on the table when you got home.

E-mail to reserve your spot.

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