Even Real World Peeps Can't Escape Zombie-fication

Two male cast members got "insta-zombified"

It's not easy being a Real Worlder.

On Saturday, "two of the male cast members got insta-zombified" at the Zombie Shamble in McPherson and Franklin Squares, WeLoveDC reports. 

(For those who get usually their monster kicks via MJ's "Thriller," the zombie shamble/walk/pub crawl involves a bunch of people getting together, dressing like zombies and sometimes acting out their Living Dead film fantasies while walking around the city.  Bwahahahaha-bwahahahaha...)

It turns out the Real World peeps were good sports about the whole getting fake-bloodied thing too. 

Hey, when someone's pretending to eat your brain and body parts, the best thing to do is join in the fun, right? 

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