“Real World” Cast Is Afraid of Us

As well they should be

The Anti-"Real-World DC" Blog popped up last week from a Dupont resident who can see the "Real World: DC" house from their kitchen windows. Wow. We're really, really sorry about that.

Writes that oh-so-lucky blogger today:

"So let's say you are bringing a very disruptive and expensive reality TV show into a residential neighborhood.... The rational, logical course of action would be to bring together community activists, city officials and producers of the show so that everyone could [develop] a reasonable framework ... that all sides can live with, because the show must go on (and all the real negotiations had already been done behind closed doors anyway). Well, that's exactly what the city decided to do tonight, with one minor detail: No reps from 'The Real World' were present."


Now, MTV has confirmed that the show will indeed be filming its 23rd season in DC. (And can you believe that makes DC, in essence, their 23rd choice of location? That's depressing.) But our Dupont blogger says that MTV went straight to the city to get permits, without talking to the ANC. And those residents haven't yet heard a peep from city officials.

"And what exactly are we getting for that sort of treatment? Extra exposure so that a few of our bars and hang outs can get on national TV with the coveted 14-21 demographic? I mean, I GUESS those kids are the drinkers of the future."

Yeah, sure, the drinkers of the ... future. Meanwhile, we're still oddly intrigued by the gossip over what exactly is going on at 2000 S St. NW, where eight strangers and their wranglers will be deposited to drink, whine and blunder their way through DC, much like Congressional interns. Filming is expected to begin June 20, with rumors that it'll be wrapped up before Thanksgiving.

If, you know, they even show up:

"On another interesting note, an anonymous source let us know that the cast is reading the blogs and now doesn’t want to come. ... we’ll see what happens on that front."

In conclusion: The moment we see one of them standing on the left of a Metro escalator, someone's gonna get "accidentally" smacked by a huge handbag.

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