“Real Housewives” Starlet Michaele Salahi: My Doll Is “Surreal!”

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"Real Housewives of DC" star and alleged White House party crasher Michaele Salahi has turned her 15 minutes of fame into an eternity -- in plastic.

The reality starlet who made waves when she and her husband attended the White House State Dinner in 2009 allegedly without an invitation now has her own action figure, a blonde figurine dressed in a replica of the red sari and shawl she wore that fateful night.

"Wow, it's surreal," Salahi said of her immortal molded image, which is sold by the doll manufacturer Herobuilders for $39.95.

Salahi plans to put some under the Christmas tree for family and friends, but Bravo big wig Andy Cohen, who oversees the "Housewives" franchise, may just be the first to get one as a gift.

"[He] loved the idea and thought that the entire franchise should have dolls too!" she said.  "The face is me, and the body is the future Michaele, with muscles and strength to take on the women in the second season!"

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