Ratzenberger Scared Ex Takes Country Music to Heart

One of the sitcom "Cheers" theme song's most famous lines was: "Wouldn't you like to get away?"

Show star John Ratzenberger's answer is a resounding "yes," if the question is regarding his ex-girlfriend.

"Cliff" the mailman delivered a request for a restraining order against his ex Wednesday, claiming 45-year-old woman is "capable of violence because she listens to country music," according to TMZ.

In court papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Ratzenberger, 62, said that his former flame "indicated that it is common in many country western songs for woman to set the cars of their former boyfriends on fire."

He makes the leap then that  "that statement insinuates that she may have the capacity to perpetuate this act or similar violent conduct," according to the court documents, which were obtained by TMZ.

Ratzenberger also asserts that he is "deeply disturbed by the harassing and intimidating phone calls, emails and texts messages," from his ex, and says that she has made false and defamatory statements about him to friends, family and business associates.

He is asking the judge to keep the woman 100 yards from him, and his car, at all times.

Taking a break from all his worries, sure would help alot.

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