Rare Prime Bib

DIBS ON BIBS: Bibs aren't just for babies anymore. The bib necklace -- a.k.a. the trend of the moment -- is making an appearance via almost every big-name designer these days. These bold pieces work best with simple necklines or strapless tops, but they also pair wonderfully with modern revivals of old-school basics. (We're thinking turtlenecks.) The best thing about the bib necklaces is that even with the blandest outfit, this is an accessory that'll add a certain amount of pizzazz to them. Our current crush is the Roberta Freymann Bib Necklace ($288) at Sassanova. "These necklaces are flying out of here," manager Lyndsey Wilson tells us. Splurge if you need to -- it's the holidays. GET IT: Sassanova, 1641 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. (202-471-4400).

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