Puckhead holiday wish list: Non-Chiefs ‘Slap Shot' sweaters

To help celebrate this season of ravenous craving and financial splurging, Puck Daddy presents its list of quirky luxury items for the hockey fan that has everything. Any suggestions? E-mail us, please.

What: "Slap Shot" replica jerseys
Price: $99.99-$149.99 via Slap-shot.com and Madbros.com

Charlestown Chiefs jerseys aren't exactly a rarity; visit enough hockey arenas, and you're bound to see someone proudly wearing the iconic sweater from the classic comedy "Slap Shot." And it might even be a fan instead of a Hanson Brother signing autographs between periods!

But the Syracuse Bulldogs? The Long Island Ducks? Now you're talking a level of admirable "Slap Shot" fanaticism.

Slap-Shot.com has both jerseys for sale in a variety of sizes. The Syracuse sweater comes stitched with either Ogie Ogilthorpe's No. 2 or Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken's No. 9; the Long Island one has Hanrahan's No. 1 on it, and is signed by his wife and her girlfriend (kidding).

Mad Bros. offers those jerseys and many, many more on its "Slap Shot" page. The Syracuse team has a full menagerie of players covered. The site also offers Hyannisport Presidents jerseys for sale; personalized for $119.99.

Not to give away all of our good ideas, but have any Washington Capitals fans considered investing in a Boudreau No. 7 Presidents' jersey yet?

Puckhead Holiday Wish List 2008:
Bobby Orr Power Play pinball game
Two-foot Stanley Cup replica

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