Minor League Malarkey: Puttin' on the foil, wearin' ugly sweaters

Minor League Malarkey focuses on the goofy world of minor-league hockey; from the characters to the fights to the promotions to the die-hard fans that half-fill the stands.

They're pissed because Jack Edwards took their quarter

Let's kick things off in the National Hockey League this week as the Boston Bruins put on the foil and celebrated the greatness that is "Slap Shot". The first 10,000 fans inside TD BankNorth Center were given replica Hanson Brothers-style glasses. The real prize was when one lucky fan was given a "Slap Shot" prize pack featuring the basic necessities if you want to become a Hanson brother yourself: Orange and grape soda, toy car set and aluminum foil to, you know, put on.

Business cards can turn into money

Before I start, yes that could be NHL Network's Dan Pollard and I realize a majority of the bills being tossed in the air are singles.

Here's a promotion that can help others, namely teams in the NHL like the Nashville Predators who have had issues in the past with corporate support. At many Amerks games, fans can drop off their business cards at the box office in exchange for $10 lower level seats. Not only does that give Rochester a boost in attendance on certain nights, and make the lower bowl look nice and filled for television purposes, but they also can increase their potential sponsorship database. Everybody wins!

Bring out your inner Bill Cosby

The Wichita Falls Wildcats are helping you celebrate the holiday season by taking part in a time-honored tradition: sporting the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find. 

Wichita isn't exactly a fashion capital, so I'd imagine that the good folks there won't disappoint.

An aside: College football and basketball coaches can sport sweaters, why not NHL coaches? Who wouldn't want to see Washington Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau in that lovely piece shown above? (Ed. Note: Photoshops are welcome -- e-mail here.)

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