Honoring hockey's greatest commercial pitchmen

Advertisers love using athletes (and, occasionally, ice girls) in their commercials and ads, believing that if a potential consumer sees their favorite player pitching a product or service, that consumer will rush out and buy it with the hope of starting a loyal relationship between buyer and seller.

In a recent perfect matching of athlete and service, Alexander Ovechkin spurred all prehistoric looking kids in the Washington D.C. area to get haircuts when the Washington Capitals superstar landed an endorsement deal with Hair Cuttery. 

Back in the day, the New York Rangers and Vidal Sassoon teamed up for a legendary commercial. More recently, the Pittsburgh Penguins used some superstar power for a terribly funny car dealership spot.

Hockey has had some great commercials featuring current and former players over the years, for sure. Let's take a look at some of the best and most memorable.

Maurice Richard for Grecian Formula

If there's a two-minute penalty for looking so good, then consider me Daniel Carcillo.

Bill Clement for Off! spray

I've watched this one a few times now and still can't seem to figure out why Clement needed to have his shirt off. Oh, and good job Debbie Downer, bringing up that whole West Nile virus thing. 

Mark Messier for Lays chips

This commercial is actually the longest I've ever seen Messier go without crying. And in the deleted scenes, "The Captain" elbows the kid in the head, steals the bag of chips and makes his plane.

Wayne and Keith Gretzky for 7UP

Here's Keith Gretzky doing what he's done best: Sitting on the side watching his brother be awesome.

Bobby Hull and son for Log Cabin syrup

The YouTube user who posted this video wasn't sure if the little kid is either Brett or Bobby Jr. Anyone know for sure? And what's with the creeper doing the voiceover getting an attitude with Bobby Hull?

Steve Yzerman for Ray Whitfield Ford

It's commercials like this one that make you realize how great the cheesy '80's commercials were. Aside from the captain of the Detroit Red Wings selling you Ford Escorts and Tempo's, what about that sweet jacket?

Bobby Orr for Chevy Astro vans

Does seeing arguably the greatest hockey player ever driving a Chevy Astro van make anyone else sick? This guy scored the most memorable Stanley Cup-winning goal in history and then he's trying to make vans look cool?

Denis Potvin, Lanny MacDonald, Darryl Sittler, Marcel Dionne for Chrysler

After these Hall of Famer's were done admiring the fish that they caught, they sat around a campfire and admired their sweet, sweet Chrysler rides.

Lanny MacDonald for Apollo Muffler

For the first time, my focus wasn't immediately directed at MacDonald's mustache.  What a sweater! You also probably had no idea MacDonald was quite the cutter of rug.

Mike Bossy for sausage?

I couldn't pay attention to what was being sold here as I was too busy being distracted by the amazing amount of flowing hair.

Don Cherry for Bridgestone tires

Anyone else disappointed that Cherry sported a jacket that didn't cause immediate blindness? 

Norm Green for the Promotion of the 1991-92 Minnesota North Stars season

"...and we're working hard to move out of this dump and south to Dallas, suckers!" 

Gilles Meloche for Ron & Ally's Pizza

If that sell job doesn't make you want some pizza, I don't know what will.

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