Priest: “I'm in Love With a Woman”

Priest Alberto Cutié's secret is out of the bag.

He's in love and he doesn't care who knows.

The persecuted priest came clean during an interview with Spanish-language station Univision on Friday and gave a few details into what was going on in his head when he risked his prominent place in the Catholic Church for love.

"I have always been a man and there are pants under this robe," Cutié said. "I don't feel bad about falling in love. I knew God was watching me."

So was a photographer, who snapped about 30 pictures of the priest and his lady love, 35-year-old Ruhama Buni Canellis, on a beach in some compromising positions. One pic had Cutié with his holy hands all down Canellis' bathing suit bottom.

Cutié, 40, and Canellis have had a thing going on for about 10 years, he said.

Univision only aired portions of the interview, which will be put on display in its entirety later. Cutié is also expected to make an appearance on the Early Show on Monday.

He stepped down from his post as both head of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church and administrator of the Archdiocese of Miami's radio programming.

During much of the interview, Cutié reiterated his desire to continue to be a priest, although that goal is pretty much shot unless the Catholic Church reverses on centuries of tradition.

Priest aren't allowed to have wives or any other romantic dealings with women, thus the vow of celibacy.

Still, the ever-popular and charismatic Cutié has voiced his opinion that it may be time for change.

"I will be a priest until the day I die," he said. "There are different ways to be a priest."

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