Presidential Jocks

The White House has been home to bowlers, ballers, joggers and golfers over the past 40 years.

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President-elect Barack Obama's love of basketball is well documented, going back to his high school days when his jump shot earned him the nickname Barry O'Bomber. During a recent interview he expressed an interest in working on his bowling game, much to the relief of an anxious nation.
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President Bush was a cheerleader during his time at both Andover and Yale, but more recently has spent a great deal of time jogging and riding his bicycle.
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Most of Bill Clinton's athletic pursuits aren't suitable fodder for a photo gallery, but like most rich men his age, he has a fondness for golf.
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The elder Bush was captain of the baseball team at Yale, where he was left-handed hitting first baseman. More recently he's been celebrating his birthday by skydiving.
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Ronald Reagan's greatest athletic triumph came in 'The Knute Rockne Story,' in which he portrayed Notre Dame football star George "The Gipper" Gipp, whose nickname he would steal.
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Like Obama, Jimmy Carter played basketball in high school, but did a fair share of jogging during the sport's first golden age in the '70s, when this outfit was perfectly reasonable.
Arguably the greatest athlete of any commander in chief, Gerald Ford was a standout player on back-to-back undefeated national champions at the University of Michigan in 1932 and 1933.
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In 'The Big Lebowski,' the Dude's apartment is adorned with a poster of president and fellow bowling enthusiast Richard Nixon, the last man to remodel the White House lanes. Nixon was also a huge football fan.
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