Power Outage Forces Moby to Go Acoustic

DJ Set Improvised at 9:30 Club

You could probably call Moby's appearance late Sunday night at the 9:30 Club a lot of things, but electrifying isn't one of them.

A power outage cut short Moby's DJ set at the famous club, leaving concertgoers in the dark and wanting a refund or a make-up date.

With a starting time of 1 a.m., Moby's set was supposed to be an inaugural celebration that was to last way into the morning.  But as the blog We Love DC documents, things went dark at about 1:30 a.m.:

"At approximately 1:32am, Moby 'broke' the club. The entire club’s power supply tripped and sent revelers into a chant of 'yes we can' as attempts to restore the life back to the club continued. At least the bar servers were still able to dispense alcohol in the bottle format to keep the 'mob'-y at bay."

Moby did his best to entertain without electricity, using a 50-gallon drum, an empty beer keg and a trash can, but folks soon grew impatient in the dark.

We Love DC later blogged that even after the club announced that the concert would be rescheduled, Moby returned to the stage when power was restored at about 2:45 a.m. and played until 4:15 a.m. 

"Thanks for coming to 9:30 Club last night," Moby wrote on his blog. "At around 1:30 a.m the power on the whole block shut down. so we waited for an hour and then announced that we were going to reschedule, as the power hadn't come back on. then just as we were leaving (p.s-the 'we' here is my friends and i, not a royal 'we') the power came back on and i played until 4:15 or so. i hope everyone was able to get back in and stay up late."

So Moby was a good sport about things, and the crowd that stuck around until the end has quite a story to tell, but for those who didn't, they'll definitely want some resolution.

There was no word of a rescheduling or refund on 9:30's Web site early Monday morning.  Just the following post to the message board from a concertgoer:

"When is the Moby rain date for the January 18th midnight event? This evening was an ordeal with people, including myself, waiting two hours to check coats only to have the power die. We were promised a replacement event, so when do you expect it to be?"

If we hear anything, we'll pass it along...

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