Potty Mouth Joe Biden Must Resign

Vice President sets a bad example for America

When Barack Obama was running for president, he promised to change the tone in Washington. And what was the tone in Washington at that time? Acrimonious and foul-mouthed, due mostly to the extremely offensive rantings of one Vice President Dick Cheney.

Cheney once memorably told Pat Leahy to, as they say in the newspaper business, "perform an anatomically impossible act." People were scandalized.

This came just several years after Cheney was caught on a hot microphone agreeing with George Bush that the New York Times' Adam Clymer was a "major league" orifice.

So it's disappointing, to say the least, that Joe Biden appears to be following in his predecessor's footsteps by swearing his face off whenever a microphone approaches it.

He was recently caught saying the mother of all swear words, the very worst swear word of all, the one that Dick Cheney said to Pat Leahy only this time in adjectival form and in a friendly tone of voice.

A former Senate colleague greeted Biden at an event in Union Station last Friday as "Mr. Vice President," and the newly minted Veep, never one for formality, told his friend, "Gimme a [adjectival] break." This was all caught on a microphone that Biden apparently assumed was off.

Well, that tears it.

Biden has said many absurd and objectionable things in his long public career, but never has he dropped the King of All Swear Words on a hot microphone when, who knows, maybe impressionable little tots might have heard him.

Do we want this man just a heartbeat away from the presidency? If he says the very worst swear word of all to his friend, just imagine what he'll say to America's enemies.

The linguist and eminence grise of cutting-edge swear word research Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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