Potomac Nationals Misspell Reed Doughty's Name

It's not every day that a minor league baseball team can get a big-name athlete or celebrity to throw out the first pitch at one of their games.

With that being said, will somebody remind the Potomac Nationals that the next time they invite someone to throw the ceremonial first pitch, they should spell the player's name correctly?

Washington Redskins safety Reed Doughty arrived at Pfitzer Stadium Friday to find a custom jersey with his name misspelled.

"Oops," Doughty said on his Instagram account. "Only in the minor leagues."

In addition, Daughty... I mean, Doughty... wears No. 37 for the 'Skins, but there is a player on the P-Nats who wears that number (pitcher Matt Swynenberg), so the number 38 was likely intentional.

According to Doughty, he "hummed the ceremonial 1st pitch for a strike."

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