Potentially Smart Baby Boomer Comedy Being Shot in Adams Morgan

Traffic in region bad for first time ever

Now that Barack Obama is President, all the Hollywood Movie Stars want to come to Washington all the time, because, well, Change! While usually they just fly in for a banquet or a meeting with Nancy Pelosi on the Hill to talk about AIDS or poverty, a number of "them" have been spotted in the Adams Morgan district, filming what appears to be a wacky comedy!

Director James L. Brooks -- of As Good As It Gets and Terms of Endearment fame, as well as various other comedies people take their mothers to see during holiday vacations -- will be shooting his new movie in the D.C. area for the next four weeks, which "is expected to pump about $10 million into the local economy." Who even knew there were that many goods and services to be purchased in Washington?

Local news outlets and Twitterers have been bragging about their actor sightings, and the stars include Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, and even Jack Nicholson, presumably playing the role of "old person." (No one has any idea what this movie is about.)

Most of the Twitterers have focused on Paul Rudd, the late-30s guy from all those sex comedies. They all saw him running down the street, in Adams Morgan, and this apparently was the sexiest image of a human they had ever seen in their lives. One example:

theresamac: Holy crap. I was just 5 feet from Paul Rudd. We smiled at each other. Then I had to keep walking, lest he see me pee my pants.

Oh dear. None of the kids these days care about Jack Nicholson, we guess.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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