Positive Song Placement: The Dodos in Miller Chill Ad

As much as I may seem opposed to underground songs getting placed in mainstream media, that's really not the truth. Almost a decade ago, when Ween and Modest Mouse were in car commercials and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was hocking Gatorade, friends asked me if that bothered me. Not at all. I'm happy to see them get paychecks.

While it upsets me when the Melvins show up in a Lindsay Lohan movie or surprises me when Bon Iver shows up in "Chuck," I was just thrilled that the Dodos's "Fools" got picked up by Miller Chill. (It's the one with the frantic acoustic strumming and the chorus of "oh-ohs.")

That's not out of respect for the beverage or anything -- I've never had it, don't have any interest in trying it and don't imagine crossing paths with it. Just happy to hear it spread around.

Some admen have great ears for music.

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