Popular Political Blogger Murders Ex, Kills Self

Huffington Post author stabbed ex-girlfriend 200+ times

Huffington Post blogger Carol Anne Burger killed herself with a gunshot to the head, after she realized that police would eventually discover that she had murdered her same-sex spouse Jessica Kalish in an attack of shocking brutality.

Burger and Kalish were married in Massachusetts in 2000, according to the Palm Beach Post, but became estranged from one another and Kalish had begun a relationship with another woman. The two continued to share a home, however, for financial reasons--an arrangement that would ultimately prove fatal for both of them.

Palm Beach police investigators believe that last Friday,  Burger stabbed Kalish 222 times around the face, back, and neck with a flat head screwdriver. She then dumped the victim's body in a car, which was found abandoned behind a nearby medical office.

Burger only reported Kalish missing shortly after the software executive's keys and wallet were found alongside a roadside. Before police had an opportunity to question her, Burger shot herself in the head while standing in her back yard.

Gawker explains that The Huffington Post employs a large number of unpaid writers to generate content for the site. Burger began writing election coverage for it on October 7th. Her last entry for the site was written one day before she appears to have killed her ex-spouse.

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