Playmate of Year Hands Out Free Wieners

…Of the veggie hotdog variety, that is

And you thought your Hump Day was going to be dull. HA!

Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, and a Playboy Bunny friend handed out free veggie hotdogs and vegetarian starter kits today at noon on Capitol Hill (Rayburn Courtyard).

Although we don’t really care why she did this (we would've gone even if she was handing out taser shocks to the neck), it was apparently part of PETA's National Veggie Dog Day, which is PETA's response to the National Sausage & Hot Dog Council's decision to make July National Hot Dog Month.

While Jayde handed out veggie dogs, she discussed her reasons for being a vegetarian, namely that she "never liked the taste of meat or the thought of killing animals and eating them."

The former playboy bunny also said that vegetarians tend to be slimmer and less aggressive. And to prove her point, when the block-long food line got a bit unruly, Jayde quickly exclaimed, "Don't fight, have a hotdog!" Oh, how we love words from the wise. And PS. Jayde, that's a VEGGIE dog, you're representing PETA, remember? (Probably not.)

Oh, we almost forgot to mention -- the normally scantily clad hottie was wearing nothing more than a few lettuce leaves.

Fortunately for Jayde, the weather was nice for her salad bikini. Unfortunately for us, D.C. doesn’t have a rabid rabbit population to come and eat all the … well, you know.

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