Former Playboy Model To Dish Dogs on the Hill

Bikini-clad beauty will hand out veggie dogs on Capitol Hill

If you see a long line at the Rayburn building this afternoon, you might expect a public forum on health care or a debate on economic recovery.

But no.  Today Capitol Hill brings us scantily clad women passing out veggie dogs.

That's right, at noon a former Playboy model will be in the Rayburn courtyard, where she'll be dressed in a chili-pepper bikini and a smile.

Vida Guerra and a bevy of bikini-clad beauties will be handing out the veggie dogs for PETA. It's the organization's answer to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council's claim that July is National Hot Dog Month.

So PETA, through Guerra, wonders why there can't be a National Veggie Dog Day, too. 

"In my business, looks can make you or break you, and nothing has helped me stay fit, trim and energetic more than kicking the meat habit," Guerra said in a PETA press release.

She said the best way to safeguard your health, reduce your carbon footprint, save animals' lives, and look your very best is to go vegetarian.

She'll prove that last part to you in person.

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